Try-day Friday with Dia&Co

Today I’m bringing you this look to inspire you to try something new and step out of your comfort zone! Dia&Co is a brand that brings you a currated shopping experience delivered to your doorstep exclusively in sizes 14+.
Every Friday they have a “try-day Friday” and although they do not deliver to BiH if you are reading this from USA this is a great opportunity if you are a plus size to purchase something new and treat yourself! If you are, however, not plus size I challenge you to try something new next Friday and post it on your blog or Instagram, ’cause why not?! You have time ’till the end of November. Dia&Co is all about empowering women of all sizes. I find every woman beautiful no matter what size she’s wearing.
Lately I try to wear as much color and prints I can, especially during this cold time when most people are wearing neutrals.
Hope you like the pics! 🙂


P.S. excuse my tired face 😀

Shirt – H&M (new collection here )
Skirt – H&M
Earrings – H&M (how gorgeous are they?)
Turban – New Yorker

Summer favorites

Hello there. Today I wanna share with you my summer favorites and things that caught my attention this summer. I will divide it by the type of clothing so it’s easier for you.
So let’s begin!

1. If you need a new summer dress

dress asoszara dressriver island dressisabel marant dress

1. here // 2. here (on sale!) // 3. here // 4. here

2. If you need new shoes



1. here (looove the color) // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here


3. If you need some new shorts

1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here // 5. here

4. If you need a new skirt

1. here // 2. here (personal favorite) // 3. here // 4. here

5. If you need a new swimsuit


1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here (personal favorite)

6. If you need a new summer bag

1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here // 5. here // 6. here

7. If you need some accessories

1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here (so cheap!) // 5. here // 6. here // 7. here // 8. here // 9. here // 10. here

8. If you need a new summer hat


1. here // 2. here // 3. here // 4. here // 5. here // 6. here

It took a while to collect all of the items that I like but I believe that this is the ultimate summer list of necessities. There are some items that are super cheap and some that are quite pricey. I hope that you’ll find something you like.
Thank you for reading!